Sotec Consulting is an IT consulting firm founded in 1996 to provide strategic and transformational services to our customers.
Positioned as Technology Partners, we align with the corporate goals of our clients to increase their competitiveness and profitability of the most innovative way possible.


In Sotec we are backed by our 20 years of experience in the IT sector and our vocation for international expansion in which we currently have offices in Madrid, Boston and Mexico DF, also counting on an expansion plan that includes opening offices in Peru, Colombia, Chile and Brazil.
We develop our work under the philosophy of continuous improvement, where thanks to a methodology implemented throughout the organization we detect its needs, classified as incidences, to improve them and to offer our customers the best value on the market with the highest quality solutions.



Your goals are our objectives.
Your mision is ours.
Doing the right thing.


Sotec Consulting combines result-oriented culture with the customer satisfaction culture. That is the cornerstone on which our consultant’s methodology is based on to achieve their goals at all times. For this we have a highly qualified, internationally geographical coverage along with a wide experience in different sectors in which we operate.



The satisfaction of our customers is a key part of our strategy and is the first target to be reached by our consultants who will help transform their organizations to achieve their corporate goals, thanks to a recognized technological and functional capacity, proven experience and reaction innate capacity to provide the best and most innovative solutions to their needs.

In Sotec we offer our clients a unique experience, distinguishing ourselves from the rest because we are a uniform group, in which the continuous training and motivation make the group a team of individuals the make the difference.

Certificado ISO